Due to the upcoming holidays, the delivery time may be longer than expected.

Due to the upcoming holidays, the delivery time may be longer than expected.


Wear your charms in new ways


Introducing the O Pendant

Show the world your true loves with the new Pandora Moments O Pendant. We've completely reimagined the way you can wear your favourite charms and dangles.




Show off your loves


With the new Pandora O collection, we're re-imagining the whole way charms can be worn and collected. You can even mix and add elements from your existing charm collection to give your pieces an entirely new look.













"The Pandora Moments O Pendant translates the essence of Pandora into a piece of jewellery.

It reflects a bold new way of expressing personal style through charms,

dangles and pendants."


A. Filippo Ficarelli & Francesco Terzo, Creative Directors, Pandora





Brand new way to wear charms

Collect your favourite charms and wear them in brand new ways with the O Carrier.



Start your story

Push the heart-shaped button on the back of the pendant to swap charms to start telling your story.
















Choose your favourite finish

The O pendant carrier comes in three gleaming metals, so you can pick your favourite one and showcase your story. Choose from sterling silver, Pandora Rose (14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend) and Pandora Shine (18k gold-plated sterling silver).




Find your perfect size

Choose from small to medium or large to show off more of the things you love.






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